It all started in Fairfield Alabama. My dad had a Johnny Taylor record. If you don’t know, I scratched it up bad. The words he said was, "You going to pay for it one way by working it off. I will have a party at the house, and you will play music all night long." By the way I’m only 16 years old at the time.

       I looked at DJ’s videos all week long. Now it was show-time. The party got started. My family and my dad’s friends said you got what it takes to be a good DJ. They started tipping me and saying keep up the good job. So I started collecting music.  I went to this house party. The party was dead the DJ was Dropping songs on songs.  People was sitting down and looking at each other. Like WTF!!!! I ask the DJ to let me give it a spin. He looked at me and said go head. After 2 min. people started to dance and having a good time. As you know I rock it.

       After that I started DJin’ more and more. My first name was DJ Skyllz. My friends said you got skills. So I used what my friends said and used it (DJ Skyllz). Name change again to DJ Dirty cause of my bike club name. Finally last name change to DJ Silent Assassin. How did I get that name? I was in a DJ contest. I enter without a DJ name card.  The MC asks what your name is. I put my finger over my mouth. So he calls me DJ Silent Assassin so I took it too. Now that’s my name now it will not change.  Because it fit my style of DJin’.